Saturday, July 24, 2010

YMS 申請程序


  • 大約出發前三個月才申請YMS Visa
  • 先網上預約,網址
  • 會安排英駐港領事館在港接見,到時交出銀行存款證明 (GBP 1600)
  • 開放予BN(O)持証人之YMS並無限額
  • 辦理簽証時間約為半日



來源: (world traveler plus 十二月 14, 2008 at 6:10 pm)

Your scheduled arrival date (to UK) should be within three months of your application date. If you want to work in UK by YMS on e.g. May, you may lodge your application later on.

As far as I remember, UKBA takes the date when the application fee is settled as “application date”. “Application date” is a matter as UKBA will use the currency exchange rate on the “application date” on calculating the equivalent GBP amount of your saving on bank statement.

You should make an e-appointment on . If you are currently in Hong Kong, you should choose location Hong Kong. The web page will guide you on filling in information and finally, they will let you make an appointment with Visa Section of British Consulate General in Hong Kong for providing the supporting document(an also settle the application fee).

At the end of the web application for e-appointment, you could print two documents. One of the document contains option “Police Registration” on “Official use” column. As this form is designed to be used for T5, I guess Australian, Canadian, Japanese and New Zealander need police registration. I believe the answer should be NO for police registration.

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